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Estate Planning

Nadya Lambert can assist and create all of the following estate planning tools:
An entity created for you to manage and control your assets during your lifetime, but which also provides the most effective and comprehensive mechanism to:
  • Avoid expensive and time-consuming probate proceedings in the event of death while maintaining total management and control of assets;
  • Avoid expensive and time-consuming conservatorship proceedings (court appointment of individuals to manage your finances) in the event of incapacity.
  • Ensure that your family has immediate access to your assets upon death without the delay of intestacy or probate proceeding which can tie assets up for months, occasionally years;
  • Ensure privacy in the distribution of your estate.
  • Significantly reduces the risk of a challenge to estate distribution;
  • Avoid the need for multiple probate proceedings. Probate is required in the state of domicile of the deceased as well as wherever real estate is located;
  • May provide some protection from creditors and long-term care expenses;
  • Can provide long-term financial security for your beneficiaries;
  • Can provide significant sheltering opportunities from transfer taxes imposed at death. These advantages can be realized for multiple generations.


When a loved one has passed, Nadya Lambert can help you handle the time consuming and challenging process of administering an estate. We are skilled in handling the process of having a Personal Representative appointed by the court, negotiating with creditors, distributing assets to intended heirs and beneficiaries. Our professional services ensure that an estate will be administered in a timely, efficient manner with the objective of minimizing confusion and avoiding family conflict.

Disability Planning

Disability planning: Nadya Lambert is able to help you plan for the possibility that you or a loved one may lose the ability to manage legal, financial and medical affairs competently.
Managing a loved one's disability: Alternatively, if a loved one has lost the ability to manage their affairs Nadya Lambert can assist in achieving a solution that ensures the protection of the individual's financial, medical and emotional interests. Conservatorship involves the court appointment of an interested individual to care for the incapacitated person's financial and legal affairs. Guardianship involves the court appointment of an interested individual to care for the incapacitated person's physical wellbeing.
Providing for a disabled loved one: Nadya Lambert is also able to assist in optimal planning for the distribution of assets to a beneficiary who is dependent on public benefits that are income and asset assessed. Special Needs Trusts (often called disability trusts or supplemental needs trusts) are long-established tools to ensure that a beneficiary's main source of support is not disturbed while receiving an inheritance or funding from a 3rd party. The government does provide some basic funding for the special needs of the disabled but often times this funding is inadequate and does not provide for “quality of life” items such as hearing aids, travel, education etc. Through proper planning, you can enhance the life of a disabled loved one. Careful attention must be given to ensuring that whatever assets you leave a disabled beneficiary does not have the effect of disrupting or terminating government funding available now or in the future.
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